Take back control
in work and private life

Business Coaching

offers dedicated time and guidance for you to raise your self-awareness. This will better enable you to take the lead in your own role and responsibilities at work and in life as a whole. I use my 25 years of experience in the international corporate world to support you to reach your full potential.

Life Coaching

offers a quiet space and dedicated time to examine what is going on in your life right now, to discover what the obstacles or challenges might be and to choose a course of action to build your life how you want it. You are the centre of your world and you have to look after yourself first before you can experience fulfilling and meaningful relationships with the people around you.


My time with Wendela helped me to understand how to deal with the anxiety I was feeling, how to simply let it pass and to let go of a number of fears I was harbouring for no sound reason. Wendela guided me through a difficult period and taught me some valuable tools to use in the future to keep anxiety at bay. An investment in myself …


Originally from the Netherlands, I have 25 years of international corporate experience as an HR professional (UK, Netherlands, Taiwan, Japan). As an HR Director for a global professional services firm I provided business coaching to professionals at all levels. As an independent coach I have given life coaching to individuals at a point in their lives where they had lost focus and needed to rethink the direction in which they were going. I have worked with many women who wanted to overcome their anxieties and find the confidence to follow their dreams and aspirations. I have also helped working parents to find the right work/life balance and I have supported ’empty nesters’ and expat wives find a new purpose in life.


Anxiety and Depression
If you struggle with anxiety and depression, I highly recommend reading Russ Harris’ book, The Happiness Trap. This book is down to earth and gives simple tools to help you deal with your problems. I use these tools in my coaching sessions and my coachees have found them very helpful.

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