Are you living the life…. or not really?

Could Coaching, EFT or Tapping be for you?

How are you doing?

Is your life exactly where you want it to be?

If you think back of all the dreams you had when you were younger, or maybe your current expectations of life, are you completely satisfied and fulfilled? Are you happy with where you are and is there nothing else you wish for?

Not many people can say that they are completely happy with where they are in life.
“Oh well, you can’t have everything.”
That may or may not be true. Why would you not be able to have what you want, or at least get closer to where you want to be?

Have you forever been thinking that you need to do something? Just something to take you closer to the life you want to live but you have never found the courage to actually do it?

What is it that is stopping you?

• I am not quite sure what I want
• It’s all too much effort
• It is not going to happen anyway
• I don’t think I can do it
• It’s easier to continue the way things are going
• What will people say?
• ………………….

There are so many thoughts in your mind that tell you to stay put and not take any risks. So if you are, let’s say, 70% happy with the status quo, it feels safer to leave it than to explore something you are not sure about and could upset your life.

Or, some of you will discover that you are not even at 70%. Way from it. Actually, when you think about it, you have to admit that you are stuck in a rut. Something you may not even have noticed at first because these feelings build over time. If you are honest to yourself, you are not happy with where you are in life, not happy at all. Something needs to change. But what? You may secretly know what, but you don’t dare to say it out loud. That feels unsafe. Or maybe you really have no idea.


Whether you want to make small changes or turn your life around, coaching can help you get where you want to be. Coaching creates a safe environment where you can talk about your dreams and your insecurities without judgement.

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EFT or Tapping

But perhaps you don’t know what to talk about. You are not clear on dreams and goals. You just feel strong emotions of sadness, anger, resentment when you think about life. Strong emotions are exhausting and stop you from moving forward. Perhaps you are managing life by pushing them away and just keep going because you worry that if you let go, you will fall apart. It feels very unsafe to open up those emotions because, then what? EFT or Tapping may be the right approach for you.

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“My time with Wendela helped me to understand how to deal with the anxiety I was feeling, how to simply let it pass and to let go of a number of fears I was harbouring for no sound reason. Wendela guided me through a difficult period and taught me some valuable tools to use in the future to keep anxiety at bay. An investment in myself both mentally and financially that was well worth the money.”.


“As an expat-wife, no job, nearly 50 years old and an empty nester, I struggled with the meaning of my life and felt very useless. I wanted something, but what?
Wendela helped me to get a better and more realistic picture of myself. By asking the right questions, I started to discover who I really am, what I like and what makes me happy. Then it became much more clear what it was I wanted to do!
Wendela managed to do this in an quiet and safe environment without judgement. For me that was very important because talking and thinking about yourself is not always easy. But with Wendela I felt secure enough to talk openly.
Now I have started a new study which gives me a lot of fulfillment. But I also feel a lot happier in the roll I play in life besides my study. So I can only speak highly of Wendela from openRabbit.”.


“Dank je Wendela voor onze coaching sessions. Precies wat ik nodig had. Fijn om met iemand te praten die de situatie zo goed aanvoelt. En in mijn eigen taal.! Ik heb nu een veel duidelijker beeld van welke kant ik uitwil in mijn leven.”.


“Wendela’s ability to probe and gently challenge established patterns of behaviour has been valuable and effective in helping me create a more satisfying and appropriate role for myself at work. She encouraged me in self reflection, helped identify obstacles, and supported the process of change without being directive. I feel her input has improved my work-life balance, even 30 years into my career!”


“I can really recommend Wendela Elsen. Her calm presence and ability to really listen have helped me to get my focus back on what I really want. I have been an expat partner for 15 years. When I contacted Wendela she asked the right questions and gave the space to explore options. Her experience as an expat partner herself made me feel understood. She has a very pleasant, reassuring voice (important when you can’t meet face to face) and she takes you as a person very seriously. I know what I want again and Wendela you have played a great part in that. Thank you!”